Accurate.  Here are my big ones for the year:1.  Doctors 8.5, 9, 10 & 11 and all associated companions2.  The Bluth family3.  Sybil… and Matthew… and Anna… just dammit Downton Abbey…4.  Finn and Glee5.  Pretty much everyone likable on Game of Thrones6.  Ivy Lynn winning against whatshername on the SMASH series finale7.  Gordon Ramsay (MasterChef and Hells Kitchen)8.  Shipping Jess and Nick on New GirlHere’s to another year of TV shows that sometimes touch us more than reality.



Accurate.  Here are my big ones for the year:
1.  Doctors 8.5, 9, 10 & 11 and all associated companions
2.  The Bluth family
3.  Sybil… and Matthew… and Anna… just dammit Downton Abbey…
4.  Finn and Glee
5.  Pretty much everyone likable on Game of Thrones
6.  Ivy Lynn winning against whatshername on the SMASH series finale
7.  Gordon Ramsay (MasterChef and Hells Kitchen)
8.  Shipping Jess and Nick on New Girl

Here’s to another year of TV shows that sometimes touch us more than reality.

This sums up my feelings about the Christmas Special pretty well :/  I just feel like Matt Smith deserved better.  The episode as a whole didn’t seem to have heart.  Moffat tried to do too much by including all those villans, but while doing too much, he didn’t do enough at all.  At least Matt Smith did have a fantastic first episode.

So I’m watching Doctor Who on BBC America leading up to the Christmas Special tonight at 9:00pm and I noticed that all the episodes are being “brought to you by Grey Goose vodka.”  Coincidence?  It’s like they know we’re going to want to drink away our sorrows tonight :(

This is exactly how I see contemporary dance.

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This is the most accurate gif ever to portray my feels:

I was doing ok, I got through the Master helping the Doctor, then Wilfred knocked… YOU HAD TO KNOCK DIDN’T YOU T_T

Then it was Donna’s wedding…

Then it was the book signing

And finally “I don’t want to go”

(I would have posted more gifs but I don’t ever post so I would probably mess it up… baby steps)

Now back to eating through my feelings and preparing for Christmas


Musical Game

5 musicals that you love before reading the questions:

1. Once

2. Les Miserables

3. Into the Woods

4. Jekyll & Hyde

5. Phantom of the Opera

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?

“Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. It is still one of my…

I had to reblog and do this because musicals:

Musical Game

5 musicals that you love before reading the questions:

1. Phantom of the Opera


3. Sweeney Todd

4. Into the Woods

5. Les Mierables

What was the first song you ever heard by 1?

I would have to guess it was either “Music of the Night” of “The Phantom of the Opera.”  I’d heard music from it before I saw it.

What is your favourite song of 4?

Probably the finale number since it has some “Children Will Listen” and 

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?

I darn big one.  Phantom was the musical that got me interested in musicals.  I saw the movie and loved it, and from there I fell in love with all that is musical theatre and theatre in general.  For this reason, and it’s touching story and music, Phantom is my #1 favorite musical.

What are your favourite lyrics of 5?

This is really hard, but I like these lyrics since they set the stage for Valjean’s purpose throughout the rest of the show, from “Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven”:

"And remember this, my brother,
See in this some high plan.
You must use this precious silver
To become an honest man.
By the witness of the martyrs,
By the passion and the blood,
God has raised you out of darkness:
I have bought your soul for God.”

How many times have you seen 4 live?

I’ll say one and a half.  I own the filmed live version with the original cast. I also worked spotlight when my University did it my freshman year so I got to see it many times :)

What is your favourite song by 2?

This is amazingly difficult.  My favorite “fun” song is definetely La Vie Boheme, but the two that always stick with me are “What You Own” and “Finale B.”  The finale combines another day and without you and I think it is lovely, especially since one of my favorite quotes ever is “forget regret, or life is your to miss.”

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?

"Poor Thing" is pretty sad since it is about the Judge taking away Todd/Barker’s daughter Johanna.  I don’t know during what song it occurs, but the saddest part (SPOILERS!!!!) is when Sweeney realizes his lost wife was the half-crazed beggar woman he had just killed.

What is your favourite song by 1?

"Music of the Night," but I also quite enjoy "Down Once More" for its rawness and "Masquerade" because mask + Eric = Phantom.

When did you first get into 2?

I can’t exactly place it, but I knew that Phantom was the longest running Broadway show, and from that I learned Les Mis was the longest running musical period.  So I bought the original London cast CD and loved it and I then was able to catch part of the 25th anniversary concert on PBS.  Then this past year I saw (and now own) the movie.  I really want/need to see it on stage, but the only oppurtunity I had was a year and a half ago when I was currently in a show at my university :(

How did you get into 3?

I only heard about Sweeney Todd from the movie but had never seen it. My boyfriends cousin, however, was an assitant conductor for a production being done at Duke University so I got to go see it with him and his mom and brother and it was amazing.  This was the first time I was able to revel in the brilliance of Sondheim.  I then saw the movie and was unimpressed (though Alan Rickman was good because Alan Rickman).

What is your favourite song by 5?

"Do you hear the people sing" I reckon.

How many times have you seen 2 live?

I have seen RENT on tour twice, one of which featured Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal and Gwen Stewart in their original roles (it was AMAZING!!)  I was also in RENT (which was why I couldn’t go see Les Mis *sulk*) as an ensemble member (specifically Alexi Darling and the homeless lady in “On the Street”).

What is a good memory concerning 5?

Listening to the Original London Cast album on my iPod all the time and just jamming.

Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad?

"Children Will Listen" is definitely the one that gets to me since it’s the Bakers wife singing to her husband and child from the afterlife, and then there’s the witch then the entire company and ahhh, the feels…

What is your favorite song by 3?

I like “A Little Priest” because of how witty it is, but I also like the various “Ballad(s) of Sweeney Todd.”  I always find myself singing “Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd….” especially since I adopted a cat named Sweeny (no e, and the cat is a female) recently…

Alright, so this is going to be a pretty lame rant to most people, but so be it. I have done marching band for eight years (four in high school and four in college), and In both cases have been required to memorize all halftime music. This wasn’t a big deal in high school, but I’ve noticed a lot of college bands take their music on the field. To me this is, for a lack of a better word, trashy. I understand that most universities do more than one show a year and that some change the show for every home game (we usually do four a year). But to me, there is no excuse to not have your band memorize their music. Having flip folders on the field looks bad, can make your marching suffer, and (as a piccolo player) is not comfortable at all. One band that shall remain nameless even had people using their music during their pre-game performance halfway through the season. Seriously, if you can’t even memorize your schools fight song, you’re doing it wrong. I understand having music in the stands because you have umpteen other songs to rotate through, but your halftime show is something you put a lot more effort into (hopefully). In high school I laughed at bands that showed up to a competition with flip folders on the field, and this still held true in college. And honestly, all the bands I’ve heard that used music on the field have sounded and/or marched worse than bands that memorize their shows. Again, this rant is probably really lame, but its always bothered me. Are you too lazy to memorize your music or do you honestly think its the better choice to make…

I am obsessed with Pusheen the cat <3

Since the finale was last week, I thought I would share my feelings about it.  I feel compelled to write this rant since I went to a local restaurant where most of the pictures on the wall are of Marilyn Monroe or of movies she was in.  Seeing all these pictures made me remember how much I loathe that Karen got/gets to be Marilyn over Ivy.  Seriously, I understand that she’s the understudy (and I’m more than grateful to be rid of Uma Thurman’s character, ugh) but I hate the bullcrap they pulled where the asshole director guy just said “I see her.”  Just because she’s a part of your sick fantasies doesn’t mean she’s the best one for the role.  As much as I could fantasize about Alan Rickman being Marilyn, most people could agree that he couldn’t pull it off (sorry Alan).  Don’t get me wrong, Karen isn’t bad or anything, but Ivy is many times better.  She has the drive for the role, she has the voice, the experience, the look, the dance skills, essentially, EVERYTHING!  Karen’s singing is alright, her dancing is acceptable, she has no prior experience, and every time they put her in the Marilyn wig I actually have to TRY and see her as Marilyn, and it never works.  She looks more like a kid trying to play dress up.  Now onto personalities.  I’m sick of people thinking Karen is a sweet, innocent angel.  I don’t mind her as a character, but she just pisses me off.  Ivy pisses me off sometimes too, but her character seems real, of course, that could also be because Megan Hilty can actually act unlike Katherine McPhee…  I guess all I can do is hope that in season two Karen dies or something (along with Ellis, and the director guy can go too, unless they can make his character a little more bearable)


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